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Casual Reminder:


Halloween season is in full swing, and I want all my followers to know that I NEVER post or reblog screamers.

I hate screamers and hate people who circulate them and create them.

If you’re reading this, please be good to your followers and don’t spread screamers around. They can be dangerous and…


Okay I know that Halloween is coming up and blah blah scary but dont post screamers you fucking shit rags. Some of us have mental health issues and we dont need you making it worse.

Just a friendly PSA with the Halloween season.


Screamers (those seemingly harmless videos with a scary face and a really loud noise at the end) are triggers for a lot of people.

I know it takes the “fun” or the “mystery” out of it to tag that it’s a screamer or a trigger, but trust me, you’ll really help them out.

Take it from a person who just had a panic attack from one and it’s not even 10am.


*gerards album gets leaked*

Fandom: wow guys if you listen to that you’re not a true fan how disrespectful.

Gerard: holy shit my album got leaked? What do you think? You can’t find the leaked version??!? Hold on I’ll send you a link.

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